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Integrated Drilling Services

Since the establishment of the company, ZPEC has integrated its resources and taken full advantage of cooperative engagements to provide comprehensive turnkey engineering services to its customers.  ZPEC now has the ability to provide well hole integration engineering technology services including well site preparation, drilling, drilling fluids, mud logging, well logging, cementing, work-over, and completion.  Through years of hard work and technology upgrades, ZPEC has made significant achievements in the aspects of deep wells, extended-reach wells, and cluster wells, and has established a solid reputation in the industry.  ZPEC has further extended its business scope and developed the ability to perform geological engineering research and oil production engineering, and now possesses integration services capabilities of oil drilling and production.

  • Core business of drilling deep wells, complex wells, high-difficult wells, and extended-reach wells.

  • Turnkey drilling engineering services leading the business, driving the joint development of various relevant business modules.  

  • Each mature business module provides independent technical services.

  • Each turnkey services business module cooperates together, thus producing a scaling effect of efficiencies and savings.


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