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Sustainable development of the enterprise is one of the top priorities we all are facing in the 21st century.  It is essential to think of current human capital development needs, as well as to think of those of the future.  Talent is the most important resource and it provides the principal impetus for technology improvement and social economic development.  The competition between enterprises nowadays is the competition for strategic resources.  However, competition for strategic resources is mainly expressed as the competition for human resources.  Human resource construction has been the most critical and important problem for sustainable development of enterprises.  Namely, any successful enterprise must have talent that is adaptable to and with each other, well structured, sufficient, and of the utmost quality.  

Our manpower concept is “people-oriented, talents foremost” and our employment principle is “thinking much of quality, ability, and performance”.  The best possible use of talent is "fitting the position appropriately, not only academic qualifications, not only titles, not only seniority, not only identity, and not sticking to one pattern”.  Our recruiting method is “internationalization of talent, and local employment”.

The group attaches high importance to the use of local employees and encourages overseas subsidiaries to offer more jobs to the people from the local community. ZPEC upholds its standard of “internationalization of talent, and local employment”. The company advocates the multinational enterprise culture of respect, openness, inclusion, and pluralism.  It treats employees equally regardless of their nationality, race, gender, religious beliefs, or cultural backgrounds.

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