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Team 4 Cooperates in “Blowout Fire Fighting Exercise”

At 1:30 pm on May 29th, the “Special Emergency Exercise for Well Control Emergencies”, jointly conducted by Changqing Oilfield Company and Chuanqing Drilling Engineering Co., Ltd., was held at the Xu 39-51 well site of Heshui County, Qingyang City.  ZPEC Drilling Team 4’s personnel emergency response capabilities, organizational coordination abilities, coping capacities, and well site standardization were well received by the appraisal team.


The exercise was strongly supported by the leadership of the ZPEC Drilling Company. Under the arrangement of General Manager Zhong Li, Production and Operation Supervisor Zhou Fayun led the company's technical, safety, equipment, and other departments to the rig to provide guidance. In order to ensure the successful completion of this exercise, they, along with the organizers and related units, carried out many rehearsals, refinement and improvement programs, and enhanced the implied understanding between the exercise teams.


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